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What is a Core Team?

The core team are those who are being called to help lead the church prior to and after launch.  They are the ones willing to step into the unknown and bring the gospel to a community in a fresh way.  Core team members won’t have all the answers, but will rely on God’s wisdom in developing and growing God’s church. Practically speaking, the core team will be the ones leading the way in “making an impact” – both in the community and in the church.  Pre-launch, the core team will be committed to prayer, gathering as a church body, and planning for the launch. Once launch day arrives, core team members will be the leaders of the various ministries in which they feel called.


Here is what a core team member commits to: 


Involved - A core team member is involved in their faith and their community. They have a desire to grow spiritually to live intentionally in Jesus and have a burden to help others find freedom and purpose through intentional living. They meet weekly with the core team and commit to pray for the church and the leadership they are doing ministry alongside with. They also help plan and lead events and gatherings leading up to the official launch of Upstate Community. 


Invest - A core team member invests their time, talents, and treasures to further the kingdom of God. They give sacrificially and generously to support the vision and mission that God tasked for our Church. A core team member is willing to discover and use their spiritual gifts to make an impact in our church and our community. A core team member isn’t perfect or has all the answers, but is willing to make some sacrifices while having a lot of fun sharing Jesus before and after launch. 


Invite - A core team member gets excited about inviting people to join in the vision of Upstate Community. They will invite volunteers and servants to join in on helping us get started as a Church. They are also intentional about engaging with people who need Jesus in the areas they live, work, and play.  After launch, a core team member will invite people to join a ministry team in an area in which they are called. 


Do these three actions sound desirable to you? We would love to have you join our core team! 

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