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Discover Your Gifts

You can discover your Spiritual Gifts at This assessment will take about 10 minutes to complete. After the assessment, return to this page to submit your gifts and learn more about them. 

Using Your Gifts

Congratulations on discovering your spiritual gifts! God uniquely created you and gave you these gifts for a reason. Now that you’ve identified how He has gifted you, your next step is to learn how you can use those gifts for the purpose He has for you. On the following pages, you can learn about your spiritual gifts and find out more about how you can use your gifts to serve God and others as part of a team.

Want help knowing how to use your gifts? Let us know at the button below!

  • What time is worship?
    We gather for worship at 10am on Sunday Mornings. Our gathering typically lasts an hour with modern worship music, a Bible-focused message, and prayer.
  • Is there something for my kids?
    Yes! We believe your kids need a community to help them pursue intentional living in Jesus. Your kids will sing songs, play games, and learn about the love and grace of Jesus from the Bible at their level.
  • Do I have to do anything weird, strange, or uncomfortable?
    No! We promise - we won't make you do anything strange at our gathering. No getting up and introducing yourself or being volunteered for anything without permission. We want you to experience the love of Jesus at our gathering. He has the power to change your life.
  • Where do I park?
    We are located at 750 Upper Valley Falls Rd, Boiling Springs, SC. You can park in the front or back of the building. You will find our welcome team outside to greet you and help you inside if you need it. Our building only has two entrances. If you make it into the parking lot, we will take care of you from there!
  • What do I wear?
    Clothes! You will find people ranging from jeans and a t shirt to a button up and slacks. Most of our people dress casually. You don't have to dress up at Upstate Community. If you want to dress up, that is completely up to you! 😁
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