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Discover Your Personality Profile (DISC)

Discover your personality by taking the DISC assessment below. Return to this page to learn more about your personality profile. 

Personality Descriptions

D (Decisive)

We are direct and decisive. We are risk takers and problem solvers. We are more concerned with completing tasks and winning than we are with gaining approval from people. Though the internal drive tends to make us insensitive to those around us, “D”s are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and we thrive when it comes to developing new things. We need discipline to excel and respond to direct confrontation. Our greatest fear is to be taken advantage of, and even despite our possible weaknesses—which include an aversion to routine, a tendency to overstep authority, an argumentative nature, and a habit of taking on too much—we place a high value on time and use our innovative thinking to accomplish difficult tasks and conquer challenges.

Make the Most of Your Personality

Every personality has strengths and challenges. The following will give you specific areas to focus on to help you work well with others. 


“D” personalities are dominant, direct, task-oriented, decisive, organized, outgoing, and outspoken. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to: 

•  Listen attentively to others. 

•  Support other team members. 

•  Invest in personal relationships. 

•  Balance controlling and domineering tendencies. 

•  Value the opinions, feelings, and desires of others. 


“I” personalities are influential, witty, easygoing, outgoing, and people-oriented. As you embrace these strengths, also make  sure to: 

•  Be aware of tasks that need to be accomplished. 

•  Balance your emotions, words, and actions. 

•  Remember to consider details and facts. 

•  Slow down your pace for others when necessary. 

•  Listen attentively to others instead of only talking. 

•  Choose thoughtful over impulsive decision-making.    


“S” personalities are steady, stable, analytical, introverted, and people-oriented. As you embrace these strengths, also make  sure to: 

•  Take initiative. 

•  Practice flexibility. 

•  Approach confrontation constructively. 

•  Be direct in your interactions when necessary. 

•  Realize change can be healthy, and be willing to adapt. 

•  Consider the overall goals of your family or group, not just specific processes or procedures. 


“C” personalities are compliant, competent, goal-oriented, focused on tasks, and introverted. As you embrace these strengths, also make sure to:

 •  Be decisive when necessary. 

•  Cultivate personal relationships. 

•  Be open to others’ ideas and methods. 

•  Balance your focus between facts and people. 

•  Focus on doing the right things, not just doing things right. 

•  Help others accomplish their goals. 

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